Live that Morning

Live the morning people crave to wake. Seem the breeze people aspire to feel.

Be the person who’s awake at 5 just to admire sky. Be someone who’s valiant to that one fledgling taking his first morning fly.

Be someone who’s consciously perceiving clouds, the luminescence ; gleaming and ready to flow all over enormous sky.

Look at the sky above so immense, bright and wonderful. Pay attention to the singing again so soft and with a series of constantly changing notes. 

Cheerful but no cheesy. You feel happy and blithe.

Overhear that high pitched but soothing sound, one more time and feel , it’s beautiful. 
Observer of those blazing orange-red soothing soft and glowing clouds.

Notice that cloud, to the East, that cloud right behind the dark one getting brighter gleaming and glowing at your gaze.
Vast and pacifying ; the sky , bringing peace and calming comfort to your soul.

Feeling that steady breeze healing your rushes. Inhaling tranquility. 

You are in the state of being private but open to what you are made for. Away from other people in secrecy and quietness serving serenity.

Your cock-a-hoop a morning can be. 

Believe me it’s something else, something which cannot be convened in lines or explainations. 
This is something made for you to feel.

Morning can cure. Morning has the power to heal. 

Nothing more perfect you feel but you ramble for more. There is nothing nicer than a morning with healing scenarios and cold wind.