The ‘3:00 AM You’

The 3Am you is the person you may not realize but one in purest form who is vulnerable and most importantly real.The 3Am you is total contradictory to what you behave when it shines during the day.

Everyone do have some part of their emotions hidden inside themselves. 3Am you is understanding , 3Am you is soothing , 3Am you has its own maturity being childish, funny and witty.

The 3Am you is someone inside who you’re not aware of until you encounter yourself at 3Am. May be dealing with yourself , fighting rushes, may be in thoughts but the best one in you comes out at the conversation mode.

Out of all the lies you’ve heard and somewhere believed about the person , you refuse to believe them as what people narrated to you, you try  understanding their problems , you find yourself getting comfortable with them, you people can easily relate yourselves with one another.

At 3am it’s something to the next level, you are a total different person and you’ll be in deep understanding perspective. The one who understands, the one who loves , the one who cares, the one who can be the best at keeping secrets and bonds.

You start discussions very randomly on something related to work, informative or some meetings at 10Pm with no idea that you will be getting involved in it, texts after text it’s 11am and you people  are just texting to get yourself engaged together, you both are aware of the nonsense text being exchanged just to keep the conversation going.

Suddenly you get a click what disaster happened to you during the day , you feel to share it and it was the right check too for sealing the deal to keep this conversation more worthy and going. You start explaining texts after texts somewhere feeling; am I typing too much of stuff.. should I keep on going.. or should I stop ( he/she might be getting bored, I don’t want this conversation to go like he/she is tolerating me) but you decide to keep going and end it as soon as possible and share whole tragic stuff you went through. 
Now you wait for their reaction (bit stressed) because the way you explained was lengthy and you went through the shit they may not care and understand. But after sending all the shitt you felt, which you regret now that you shouldn’t have started this topic, it was all your stupidity. All of a sudden you get a soothing and a total contradictory reply to what you were thinking, mentioning ; I understand whatever you’ve gone through, but it’s life and you’ve too keep on going.

They make you understand the situation and the things those happened was all shitt and you should forget about all such unwanted scene that was created, and you here slide in creamy way to your own soothing side where you feel peace and have the safety that someone is there in world who is might not be with you forever but one who understands and really good as a person. There’s an automated process going behind in mind collecting all good of the person and imaging him one might be with bit of mischievous mess but understand , mature and whelming pure heart with any bad intentions.

You feel good because half an hour before you were feeling so lonely and unwanted and there was nothing you could do about it , apart from existing and you did and it didn’t killed you, and this is life all about you gussed but the moment when you received that soothing and calming text which relieved your veins with love and relief, kissed your wounds and healed them at best in minutes when you were most vulnerable to what is coming.

You take a deep sigh in relief with a thought that it was all shit you were thinking that you were overreacting or overexposingly explaining things at the same time the other person try to make you feel mood up by sharing the idiotic scenario he/she went through and you both get smiles on and then the laughs that you share by saying ; stop please ; I’m laughing so hard here people are sleeping across the room, getting the same flow of reply : I cannot control my laughter too.

All of a sudden they text you that they’ll be back in minute mentioning they are thirsty or need to go to the washroom. Is the time when your mind if full with them and that moment you find yourself smiling for no reason thinking about the things they told at the same time you make yourself sure about that he/she is happiness to be around and a nice person.

Within seconds; the person who switched your mood from ‘existing’ to ‘living’ , how can you prevent yourself from getting in bonds with them. In minutes you are done with a thought that you hold a great friendship chemistry together.

And when they are back after taking longer than a minute . You don’t complaint but mention it was not a minute , you could have taken longer bit you re back so soon(with bit anger). You get a sorry in return and it again went back to the chemistry you both left behind before minutes. Now one of you steps up and text let me share some secret with you as they have become trustworthy for you now so you feel safe in sharing and they too gesture hearing and holding your stuff safe.You get the same whelming and trustworthy replies .

Such conversations put your heart at peace and you elegantly smile closing you eyes to bed with surety of having someone with whom you can chat  and share the whole scenarios and events you went through. And it makes you more overjoyed and relived when they share what happened to them, you get happy by knowing their happiness and switch to a councillor in seconds when they face something disastrous. And the most calming part goes for you when you make them understand things  and they do.

You feel the best of you in insisting yourself feeling things and emotions ever so deeply and you are happy with conversation which is so obvious to you and the next morning while scrolling you find beautiful post mentioned ; ‘ deep conversation with worthy people are priceless ‘. And you smile.

And deep conversations with someone who understands you is everything!