Someone who makes you feel like life has come to life.

Someone with whom you feel that immediate connection the moment you meet. They just connect with you more than anyone else can. The connection so strong, so hearty, firm and enduring that in moments you get drawn towards them the way you never experienced before.

You really don’t know this experience but you know this is someone you can connect on your spiritual level something really different something very connecting.

As this experience steps, you feel the connection getting more strong more complex more deep.

Simple times are made beautiful with them so meaningful and kind living you feel.

So deep and enduring that you doubt yourself having such feelings for any other in these years of your life, doubt that drags you to the dilemma of love.

Feelings you never experienced before. These vibes are the priority now. The smile they put on your face, you love to laugh with them. You share your kind reserved feelings. This is something that connects you, sooths you.

Someone who can connect with you, deals with you and tackles you at every level of life, dealing and understanding with every version of you, relying on every lie you hide in yourself.

Bringing sense of peace happiness and calmness which was never been experienced before.

Around them you feel alive, around them you feel the living, around them you become kind. 

Experience that made you feel; around them you are some other soul : someone who understands, someone who is vulnerable.

You wish sitting silent with them. That soul to soul connect is all what you seek for. Your trust of spending eternity with them.

When you’re not around them you feel the harshness of life, all the ruthless activities around. Nothing is calm, living is not at peace at all. You both are your best hiding place.

How a bonding with another soul makes you feel so complete and let rest your rushes at satisfaction. Most significant and satisfying connection you experience.

You was aware of the beauty around you, you looked at those scenarios daily but they never been such a blessing as they seem now. Maybe this is because; the souls are connected now, maybe now you’re feeling the world their way.

This is your soul to soul connect. 

You know they are different, you know their flaws but you believe trusting them. You relay telling secrets. Because they adore you and challenge you to your peak potential.

You never planned falling for them, your soul took you there. This love was most unexpected. You don’t have any answer why do you like them. You just know you do. This is something apt.

And most importantly they make you think of them when you aren’t around.

It’s like one soul has the lock to other’s keys and keys to other’s lock.