Rerouted soul

She is not one from those clingy girls.

She won’t text you first everyday but still look for your text. Come up and talk to her or you won’t talk at all. She bothers about you but she won’t tell.

When she’s free to you she speak out frank texting you those lengthy paragraphs, relying on you with a hope that you understand. Your one short reply and she is in dilemma where she went wrong.

She keep things in mind every next time you switch your behavior. A slight shift in your behavior, it never went unnoticed. Again a short reply and she won’t reply at all.

If you attempt to distance yourself from her she will push you away faster then you can say ‘wait don’t go.

Don’t overreact when you take care of her ,don’t show off when she is around you, stop faking it instead try being real. If you ‘just act’ like you want to be with her she’ll teach you how to live without.

She may be not worth doing effort for. She may be just another ordinary girl for you. But she knows that she’s just not some other ordinary girl. She knows her worth and yours too. She knows what she deserve.

But may be she is worth doing effort for. She doesn’t depend on you or anyone else anymore. She knows what is meant for her will be hers.

She was just fine before you entered into her life, and she will be perfectly okay if you want to leave whenever you feel. 

She doesn’t anymore believe in those promised friendships. She doesn’t have time for those nonsense chats that made her smile once. She doesn’t anymore have any place for half aching relationships.

She knows how to leave it consistent. She knows even the air we inhale have to be exhaled.

She knows who appreciates her presence and she better knows how the gift and who to gift her absence with.

She is the girl now armed with words, words which can heal your depths or can destroy your egos the way you’ll be careful every next time you talk to her.

Her kindness and devastation depends on they way you treat her when she’s around and most importantly when she’s not. She notice your actions more better way than she listen your words.

She won’t make any efforts to hate you. If you do her wrong, she knew that karma will slap you on time. She just no longer worry about your existence. 

She knows how to delete people from her life. She knows how to move on, she’s fine when it comes on  diverting her thoughts avoiding you.

She’s no longer in bad terms with anyone. She doesn’t even care if you hate or like her it doesn’t effect her anymore.
She knows herself the best and now she carries her dope soul to the best.
She knows you will crave for her vibes.