Dulcet of silence

Her stillness was the only soothing place amongst the chaos of the world.

Calming down her rushes she sits alone as a whole, she could count her breaths and capable of listening the resonance of silence.

Peace that everyone look for has eye on her, she thinks about everything; everything which is not materialistic but everything which is at peace and healing her soul.

-Everything that makes you bother does not worth your attention.

Some sort of silence you always need!

Silence that helps you grow, silence that is needed for you to recollect all what is broken, silence that helps healing your wounded soul.

Silence that build a reckon: you are worth living. Silence that makes you feel the living. Silence that recall your survivals from those hardships. Silence that makes you think about everything happens for some reason but still you are left with a ‘why’ , satisfactory this time.

Life dragged you where you are standing now seems like an achievement. You’ve more to go you know. Life was worth living and this moment of silence made life worth understanding.

Silence that makes you feel the pulse of life, silence that has no death but this is beyond has some eternal link. 

Silence that put aside complications of life.

Things and moments are needed to be cherished. Life need love and your soul is full of it. 

This time silence has some sound some sort of really appeasing rhythm. Mollifying every doubt you lived whole day. You can inbreath the silence and look for more depths in silence.

This moment you glorify all those matter of worries and bothering concepts. You understand that something is meant for living, what we face is what we have to face and is meant for us. Undertaking power ‘no more spending new tears on old woe. Silence that hoisted your soul to face life with uplifted ardour and love.

Dulcet of silence that give your soul a fleecy touch and levels up your soul.

Silence, ‘yes this silence has gentle calming effect’. Makes you hold your stillness and makes you to stop, sit and perceive breathing.

You see the chaos around, but you choose to hold the silence. Not just holding but feeling the best of it.

Some silence gives you meaning.

Her silence is calm and reactionless, life at peace. Situations that are solving themselves up. Thinking giving broad spectrum to live. Her silence has some Magic- Magic that has love and acceptance.

You see everything you need in her silence!

Silence that made a soul to be thankful for the experiences. Silence that fills our soul.

You need to make no effort to hear, every word you seek is heard. Silence surrounding you in solitude there is healing, you absorb.

Silence that gives you the power to say ‘this not how my story is going to end’.