Her screams remained in grave of her heart,

Every time she stood still looking herself in mirror falling apart.

Those drops are flowing in vain taking her to place where no one else can, she look vacantly incapable to explain what she gaze for in that reflection,

‘Eyes are too pretty to cry’ as people said she recall, but every time she stood still in pain, feeling those eyes are cursed to cry and tears fall.

That counterfeit love and high golden walls was no house for her, she killed her dreams and slayed her soul finding for one that was only found in mirror,

She blather and look for her smile only way she could found to slash poison out of her life, her eyes seeing someone who understands and she wish for her escape,

She stood still in front of mirror looking herself those feelings are worthless but most important ones for her.

She was smiling to glee their hearts inside she was falling apart, she buoys her soul with a dose of dreams, afraid to smile again but she tries to redeem.

Her depression was not her sad face and tears, her depression was struggling smile and wanting to escape out of those imperceptible manacles,

Love that was bound,diplomates all around. Everytime she took steps fighting things, her only peoples slayed her soul saying ‘what society will think’!

She stood still in front of her reflection interrogating her soul that wasn’t strong enough to stand as a whole, answered reflection saying, i failed because ‘she care’!

She been through netherworld you’ll never know, convincing to their every lie her heart knows, she’s rebellious but her heart bows.

Puppet was the only word she felt apt for her living, only satisfactory term to give up on her dreams.