Numb feel

Some moments in life which leave you in dilemma and make you sit numb. Having no control over your emotions, nobody no more have the power to shake you, even you yourself feel lifeless living.

At this moment you choose silence. There comes a moment when situation leaves you numb. None of your senses work like they works when living normal.

No tears, no words, no actions, no reactions, no fears, no feeling but just still…you flow. Still mind and harrowing heart. Stillness with no feelings but hidden suffocation.

That dead but alive feeling, feel of being meaning-less with no hope and no life. Acutely distressing smother under which you getting tuck. You began to stare at nothing hoping for something to happen but you don’t know what, you don’t know what is going to happen next and you don’t even care about it. Enshroud feelings that sudden dull smile holds when someone looks at you. But inner you stays reactionless.

This is the moment when you don’t actually have any words to say have any feelings to explain, your limbs freeze, no tears that’ll fall off, your lips feel heavy to utter, your throat choke engulfing emotions, you are just still is the moment when you are actually sad.

Not that kind of sad when you put your status on social media looking for concern. Not that kind of sad when you take down your displays or status from social media. Not that kind of sad when you look for a company to heal and satisfy you. Not that kind of sad when you really want to talk to someone maybe some stranger.

But the one when you feel broken. This feeling leaves you numb. Feeling like the whole world is moving but your mind is blank. You are in stillness your heart is numb, your mind is numb. You don’t have enough energy to cry and scream.

You find kind of darkness inside you. You give up on light and energy. No brawn to react, no energy to fight and stand. You want to stay reactionless.

At this point no advice, no consolation, no mood enhancing tricks work. You just wanna stay where you are with no idea when you will get out of this moment. But you know you will, when? you don’t know.

Nobody really knows what is going inside you and you have no capacity to explain though, at this particular moment all what you need is a sigh of satisfaction.

All what that can bring you back to life and that redeem your mobility to your thoughts is ‘time. 

At this moment of life just one understanding work,

Listen to me: Time is power! Time heals!