People love to speak out their opinion. And it proves more whelming when someone listens and satisfying when someone understand.

There are mainly two kind of people. One those who speak without hesitation, other are those who hesitate. Somewhere both holds flaws and strengths.

You have to choose who you should be.

If you speak less. You might be building scenarios inside head. You keep quiet and sometimes may not pay quality of attention which is needed. You may ignore topics at times just because when you think of voicing your opinion something you is feel choking you in throat, that might be the fear of getting wrong or may be getting interrupted or may be the fear of getting misunderstood.

You feel you are not good at explanations. Every time you try, you skip some worthy points and think that you would have elaborated it a little more or would have explained it a bit more, like you would have sticked more to the point in simple and accurate manner.

You put together whatever you are listening and then without understanding you fabricate something which might not be real. It’s not that your thoughts and ideas are wrong but when you don’t listen to understand, whatever you listen and assemble that might probably will give the wrong upshot.

You fail explaining because you fail listening‘.

People who talk and speak a lot. Might not even listen to what other minds are willing to say. Such people just want to babble and talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish and excited, or incomprehensible way. 

This makes other person less interested and they may avoid discussion and will ignore conversations because the conversation would hold no worth.

Babbling and not listening irritates the person facing you. You might prove to be a good entertainer in free times. But no one will consider you when it’s high time and you need someone to actually listen, understand and believe.

While listening some minds are always busy in what to voice out next. What statement will kill fore coming opinion. What opinion will prove to be more strong and hefty that will actually lead other minds surrendering.

To be listened, you have to listen.

Be a patient ear human. But being patient just while listening is not only what is needed. You have to listen and analyze.

Some people listen but they are very accurate about what to reply without even hearing the whole thing, they reply according to who is talking.

Some get nervous to speak and prove themselves in front of a person who is more accurate holding idea of strong personality and followers or believers. But on contradictory get more confident when they speech it facing someone who might be right in thoughts but not that sufficient in explaining.

Listen not just to reply, listen to understand. You may not be always right. “Proving others wrong and implying your thoughts has never been an understanding human thing”.

Weather wrong or right, listen keeping calm, analyze it and then understand it. Sometimes listening wrong and analyzing it may give you more powerful thoughts to explain it in right way. And will built more strong and impactful explanations that will cover more corners of debate and clear doubts.

Something is always better than nothing. Having and understanding more point of views other than yours is a quality.

One will only get and understand your point of view if you are in zone of acceptance. It’s not that you have to keep yourself out of the line and think others are right and you were living in a cliche, that’s not always true. Don’t be just too confident about the information without references. And even if with references try getting other peoples point of views too.

When you listen you gather information, sometimes right sometimes wrong, sometimes accurate sometimes swayed but these all point of views together aid you.

Analyze them on your own level and then understand. This’ll make you reply in more understanding and believing way which is more acceptable.

If you tend to understand, people tend to listen. Give them chance to speak and wait till it’s your turn. Don’t just speak to prove wrong, speak to eliminate the wrong, no matter which mind holds it.