No one likes to get hurt but want to hold on something they love. Trying to grab it at best grip and not letting it go. No one likes to get hurt but get dank slowly into the feeling.

No one likes the pain but get habitual to the feeling. Something or someone close to you is difficult to get apart from. But you get habitual with the time span and you manage to live in the hold on condition. Sulk and bear alone sobbing your emotions. Perhaps you are in wrong direction. Perhaps the situation will lead you to what matters.

You try holding memories more tighter than people now. Taking a step forward now makes you think twice first, you are afraid to seem clingy and annoying so you just wait silently. Thinking that other person’s life is going perfectly without you. Perhaps they be living with the same fact. Try not living with assumptions and hurt yourself. It’s always better to be direct and mature.

Everyone gets hurt after letting go something or someone they love. And this feeling is heavy, heavy like the physical heavyweight you feel in your heart. But there are situations for every next person, this situation fell in your area just to make you stronger or may be because you are the one could handle this. 

Things will hurt for a while but that’s all okay! Okay? Yes okay. 

Okay because your feelings were authentic and you were genuinely connected. And that proves you real and holds your purity somewhere. Facing this you are mature enough to wish good for people and you actually mean it.

You cannot just hold on to things which are good for nothing. Stop holding the dead flower with thorns in your hand, they may hurt. Sometimes you have to end things which aren’t healthy for you. 

Everyone hate saying goodbye to people and things they want to spend every minute with. But not everyone deserves the access to your heart and life some things and some people have only short span in your life, their permanent resident can destroy the place.
And unhealthy things should be replaced.

Not every beginning will take you to the end. Not every beginning is meant to last forever. Also not every beginning will disappoint you. Believe in yourself and keep moving because happiness comes in most unexpected ways.

Not every person who walks into your life meant to stay. You will be perfectly ok if they decide to walk out. Holding on may increase the toxicity. Sometimes the darkest doors opens to the brightest side of life. Your beliefs can make you live through everything and you assuredly will.

No one like the ends but sometimes you have to take your step back cutting the ties with people who aren’t healthy to be around.  Stay no longer in bad terms with anyone. Let them live the life you live yours. Cut off people from your life who threatens your healthy connection with your own life. Be in good terms with yourself!

Surely you will fall into place one day. Your heart maybe fragile but yet the strongest!

Things you are facing outgrow them and they will lead you towards tranquility. Believe in yourself and your life is beautiful in anyway. Hold on to you beliefs and have courage. Your holding onto emotions and your struggles were never worthless! Everything what happened made you immune to the forthcoming. You can have and live your chronicle of heroism.

Outgrow from the situations and outgrow from what isn’t yours to what is you can make for yourself. Better mornings are waiting for your wings to touch their air. Don’t be heartless but smarter. Don’t depend on someone else for your happiness. Don’t be in any bad feelings be into good ones now. Holdfast what is healthy.

You have to stop watering the dead plants of your life!