Being her own bandage she binds up her own wounds. Being her own bandage she protects herself from those who touch the wounds. She’s calm and her worries are abound, wiping her own tears she never gets astound. She knows she’s the only one there for herself.

Being her own bandage, she consoles herself every time, there would be someone who will be mine. But plastered parts of her heart still hurt, try to leave the cliches and redounds but panic attacks bring back the confound.

Bandage herself back together again, putting balm over her wounds, gave herself some time, took earphones play soothing sounds. Unaware her soul comes at her glance she decided to give it a last chance.

Piece by piece she recollects herself. Everything that makes her happy and she smiles as an elf. She gave herself a second chance and said to herself ‘time to snap all the way out of it now’ determined and ready to challenge the cage.

She calmed her nerves and ready to fight whatever life serves. Bandaging her rage, curve of her lips as adage. Bandaging her own soul because no one else could. Being her own bandage because she knew if she didn’t then no one else would.