Her safe place

You end up with a conclusion ‘It’s hard to understand females’. 

“Their mood swings are out of the norm!”

But have you ever tried being her safe place when it looks like she’s hiding things? Don’t incline towards thinking she doesn’t want to confide in you but maybe something is stopping her; understand her feelings and the burden she bears. Maybe she is as impatient as you to spill all her secrets.

Try being her safe place when,

Something stops her to gesture showing her emotions, when she is scared, scared to tail with the voice. She’s scared to share her thoughts; you might’ve somewhere made her feel scant and screwed up. Scared because somewhere inside holding the weight of insecurities, doubts and misunderstandings she is stifling. Try being her safe-house when her thoughts wrench her in the abyss. Don’t love her the way that she second guess your commitment.

Scared because she lives in the cliche that you either won’t listen or may not have interest in listening. And this has been lugged from those previous times when she was talking and you did not pay any attention. Her words fail to explain the second she notice lack of contentment on your face.

Found of your apprehension but judgments make her go “You won’t understand” and situation shatters with resentment. Thoughts break her down again. She starts to push you away emotionally; the mere thing she is scared of. Fight with her and keep her, don’t make the situations to make you fight to get her back. She not only want to spend happy time with you but wants you people stay stick to each other even at your worsts.

Try being her safe place when,

She tries yet something chokes her throat not letting out the words. She looks up at you in hope that you will reach up to her feelings and grab them and she will feel the warmth, someone is there, ‘ who understands’. But you avoid her mood swings and  she avoids explaining the way you avoid understanding. 

She is losing herself somewhere between her happiness and your satisfaction. Wants to hold you when you fall. Wants you to hold her when she fall. Want you to be her safe place. She wants to be the only one for you. She wants you to listen to her even when she’s not talking.

Found of your apprehension, her thoughts propel. She pushes you away when she needs you the most.

Try being her safe place because you are her favourite feeling.