Melting silence

I hope you think of me like I do. 
All I can do is just think you, being thinking about me. The way I fancy our conversations never end. They way I love having frivolous talks. But there comes a frim thought when you say ‘bye‘ without showing any momento to those last wholeheartedly typed paragraphs of mine, those paragraph stay in my line of thinking whole night. 

I aspire you to awe about what I feel.

I hold my stand by modes and smile waiting for your consideration as priority someday. But there comes your ‘negligent statements‘ over my excited texts. Where my smile ceases. I want you to heed but disregard is served. 

I hope you look at my contact and wonder for my text.

Sometimes I think my resentment is fair, equitable my indignation for you being inattentive whenever I want you to stand in. But there comes a frim thought when you  say ‘hold on‘, sooner reply someone else over me. I keep on hang and endeavour to say something that can keep you stuck on my chat window.

You know what, it’s truly sad the way I feel. I’ve been feeling like crap lately, times when you told me you’ll be there for me but every time you failed. I fear to move on. Apprehensions all over, I feel sorry for you because anyone could see it clear as a day but you were sightless.

I’m okay if my feelings fail to rhyme with yours!

One can’t bear the cold throughout, when you know you will be waiting long. Freezing emotions and too much of silence. Distracting from the fictional dreams. Renting feelings to someone who will bury unconditional affection.