I hope you get everything you deserve.

Yes, I’m always curious to know what people think of me. How much I exist in their lives.

You always get emotional about certain people in your life and there comes a point when you start hating and regretting the feel of all those emotions you felt once. The idea of emotions you had was so pure and clear but got spurned woefully. You know what? You deserve someone who’s gonna treat you like every next morning priority, someone who makes you feel that you matter every day. You don’t need to care and get emotional about people who just make you feel special only when it’s convenient for them. You may think that you can wait and after some time you’ll sum up in their priority list then my dear friend the answer is NO.
You deserve more of their attention then what they give to their phones. If you are garnishing your love and care then you deserve their scheduled out time and not those rushed hello hey!

Stop stressing yourself over people who don’t even deserve you. Stop recalling the memories when a certain song comes on and you smile with grief beneath all those heavy emotions. What is the need of all this? Listen to me get very clear that they don’t remember you, you still wonder about your stories and being part of each other’s life but everyone out there has many stories and they may have forgotten the chapter. The character that you played was the lead for you but it might be just a walking on part of them. Your feelings are good on your side but if the connection is not mutual, stop pouring your love into a mug with a hole.

Know the miracles in you there is always someone who’s ready to create illusions for you.

Do not forget that you always deserve something better than the one which is the reason behind your unnecessary stress and concerns. Do not let people take your feelings for granted. Yes, I understand that people face short of time when they get disconnected and fail to reply to your emails and texts on time but when they come back they serve you with what you been waiting since long. But if you don’t get so then you shouldn’t stay in hurtful place anymore. Know your worth, someone better out there may be waiting for you with a double of love and more true concerns.

Sometimes we think that do we still exist in the minds of people that we don’t speak to anymore.

And fortunately, the answer is Yes

Someone out there is thinking about you, they are wondering if may exist for you or not. So why to misspend the emotions on those who actually don’t deserve you.

You deserve much more than what you have given and suffered. You deserve honesty and transparency. You deserve to be reminded that you are someone who matters. You deserve notes, texts which remind you that is the priority without any onuses. Put yourself in space of beautiful relationships that make you happy. Surround yourself with love that makes you smile, feed your soul with peace and satisfaction, and help you grow. Know that you are worthy of all kind of love and friend relationships that are built, you are worthy of all the connections that are authentic. Hold the love and joy which is being served from the ones you didn’t even notice.

Bestow the love and care to the ones who deserve it and let the love germinate.

You, my dear friend if you are with me let me tell you.

You deserve to be healed and happy. You deserve a life that lifts you up. You deserve someone who listens to you even when you don’t speak. You deserve someone you get the lyrics while you are humming softly. You deserve someone who accepts your disheveled behaviour and put out the well-groomed you without any abhor. You deserve someone who loves your company and wants to listen to everything in your heart and mind. Someone who never gets tired of gaping at your acts and expressions. Someone who wants you to fly and gets ready to fly with you without the fear of falling down. Someone who take away all the lies and bring illusion to your life.

You deserve someone you make you feel secure, who makes you feel enough.

Someone out there is really obsessed with you. Darling you, cannot even wonder how many times a day you pass through someone’s head.

And they think how much they exist in your life!

Think about it, I hope you get everything you deserve.

I hope you get everything you deserve.