Chakh lo ji ek vaari ‘Amritsari Kulcha and Chaap’

So, this was my first trip to amritsar, what attracted me most in the trip was obviously the food in Punjab food fest by Dainik Jagran. What can be better than having an Amritsari kulcha with lots of butter on it with hot and spicy curry, raita and onion chutney. The Amritsari kulcha looks mouth watering even by a mere look and once you have it you could just not stop at one, these kulchas are so tempting that you might end up with a stomach full upto neck. I had these Amritsari Kulchas for the first time at Punjab Food fest.

While in amritsar, Amritsari kulcha nahi khaya to kya khaya apne? If you want your trip to be full of foodie adventures then the Amritsari kulcha will give you a mind-blowing and delicious start in exploring your food journey.


These kulchas taste best when served hot, the butter on its top make the kulchas taste more amazing. Pickle and hot curry with the kulchas are to die for, I could have easily gained 2 to 3 kgs more weight. Kulchas tasted like chicken and i thought that i’m going for non veg for good 10 seconds and the other variants with it like Rumali roti used to make them taste good. My personal favourite is the Amritsari malai kulcha which is served with curry, raita and rumali roti. It was steaming hot, looking cheesy and very delicious, i still get water in my mouth whenever i get the craving of these Amritsari kulchas.

Food in amritsar is soo awesome and delicious to be described in words. My another favourite from the Punjab food fest trip is the amritsari chaap and kulchas. If you are a non veg lover then you must try the amritsari chaap, they have a meaty taste and are finely cooked. You will get the ethnic flavours and a very good taste which will make your everlasting memories with the Amritsari food. I can still feel the crunch while describing the taste of the Amritsari chaap.