No matter what ups and downs we face in everyday life, it’s true that we love to laugh. But there are times when you see yourself standing on the edge, you feel falling down. But still, you keep on standing to deal with bright and dark phases circulating with the hands of a clock, holding your stuff right in your heavy heart weighing the load of all the brood of your life dwelling your mind. After all of your efforts to smile and get yourself distracted eventually you make up to fake, and with time you find a solution and get used to the forgery emotions but they keep you consistent with the ache.

Believe me,

You have the supernatural power to bring the joy and giggles in that can vanish the empowering wrinkles.

Stop trying to become a person who will never tell someone about what you feel even at times when you are feeling like the scum of the earth, you protect yourself from letting people know about the overthinking and the lament your face.

Darling, you know what?

Unexpressed emotions never die, they stay there!

‘The emotions you keep within yourself they are in you buried alive.’

Have you ever heard about the falling leaves? Or the fading colors? Change is only the permanent thing people say and yes indeed, it’s true. But it’s on you how you deal with it and heal your scars, the power is in YOU to make the upcoming moments shine like a star.

There are chances that your buried emotions can come forth later in uglier ways but there is a surety that if you try and make an effort for yourself keeping your worth, you can channelize your emotional strength in more better ways that can flower the dormant bud right down those weighing thoughts.

Older it gets tastier gets the wine,

Same is the Gods way for you;

Stand up, learn and fight,

Believe me,

You are worth the shine!

With time things and emotional tense pile up but you have the power to prevent your scars from becoming the wounds.
Definitely, I’m getting you, and I understand that emotions won’t fade with fading footprints but the welcome of new footprints can make up the old blemishes and can lead you a merit roads heading better beginnings.

-Yes my dear, this is also a way how new beginnings are painted