Why this generation can’t communicate?

See this is really common and relatable topic to every next person out there, who cares. We all have friends, special friends with whom we share our ups & downs, highs & lows, daily based gossips and the happy-sad emotions by putting the same intensity of feelings in our texts to make them feel what we go through.

But this happens too often that people all of so sudden stop talking. Nobody out of the two knows the actual reason. Maybe because of all those thoughts which you build in your mind and that make you play these small tests on another person just to check the bond by staying away and you stop being the first one who texts, you just want to be more assured; ‘ if they want me in their life or if they really miss me then, they’ll obviously text me or would have said something yet’.

Both of you wants to talk with each other (and you also know it) and somehow, someday fortunately when the ice breaks, you see your mention on some social media post or if this happens in inbox by sending a meme or a simple ‘hi’ then it gets tougher to keep the conversation going because you want the conversation going and the other person also wants the same but you both are looking for each other to make some extra effort weather in texting or by saying that you missed them when they were not there but you both fail.

Fear that you’ll seem clingy or annoying. Thoughts running through your mind that you might not hold the comparative amount of worth they hold in your life. You open your social media and see them doing perfectly fine without you and you scroll enacting that you don’t really care, and this is really dramatic and insane ‘you fool yourself even when you know that you are actually fooling yourself’ and this isn’t going to help you.

You know what? you people just act that things are perfectly normal and wait for the other one to initiate but eventually you both end up doing the same thing. Stop playing stupid mind games on the cost of beautiful and worth friendships. Stop thinking that if the other person really wants you to stay in their life they will initiate, or if they seriously need you they would have said something to break to the ice. Don’t you think this is insane? Yes, you do but you won’t still accept this because we are ‘typical and sophisticated hypocrites’. Be clear, don’t let your thoughts and ego maul the actual love and friendship.

Be sorted because it’s in your hands.

So here ‘am going to share one incident with you fam,

There was a guy I use to like…
We were so friendly and use to chat on daily basis then one day we just stopped talking to each other, days passed.. I wanted to text him and I knew that he wanted to do the same (maybe) but nobody initiated just because we thought we’ll seem clingy and annoying (like getting into life without a knocking and sudden text wouldn’t have been a good idea then)
See I could have texted him but I saw his life (updates on social media) going perfectly fine without me and if he wanted or needed me in any case so (and I was sweet enough to reply him back with the same kind intensity) then he would have said something and I was waiting (literally craving) to see his text … but ‘huh’ to this generation… nope this generation can’t communicate


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