Comfy Evergreen Ethenic Wear


Outfit Details:


Necklace & bracelet: Local store at Udaipur


Dress: Instagram seller (@Easy786shop)



Hello lovely humans, from now I will be coming up with new interactive beauty, fashion and Lifestyle blogs. I’ll try to keep my work simple and to the point, hope you guys enjoy engagement.

This particular blog is about comfortable ethnic wear. Yes, ethnic wear can also go comfortable. Evergreen ethnics has always been in fashion.

People stay away from ethnic wear just because they do not want to handle typical wear. Ethnics are love, mostly girls chose to wear them during the festive season. Ethnic fashion is evergreen and you can keep on reviving your fashion sense by pitching something new with every look.

Here I have paired a medium length umbrella kurti of three fourth sleeves and a plazo pant. Plazo pants are so much in trend these days and are truly designed for an effortless Indo-Western look. Coming back to evergreen ethnics if we look back to the history then these plazo pants are also commonly known as ‘Sharara’.

You can create different looks with plazo pants, pairing them with baggy shirts, t-shirts, crop tops and much more. Plain Kurtis also tune well with plazo pants. If we pair umbrella kurti and plazo pants they just don’t make a lock and key combination if teamed up sensibly but also perfect to flaunt evergreen ethnics.


The dress I’m wearing came completely stitched from Instagram seller @Easy786shop . They have a good and affordable range of ethnic wear. If you do not want to go with Chunni then you can opt to wear a zipped or an open jacket.

I chose to wear a black umbrella kurti with completely black plazo pant of height just above my ankles. I went with yellow chunni that made it more noticeable. Try different colors you already have in your wardrobe.

For the feet, I have gone with total black and plain heels. I purchased these from
The heels are undoubtedly supremely comfortable. This outfit aldo gel well with juties. If you have more footwear choice that sits perfectly with your attire then go for it.


Accessories that go with your ethnics:


Do not wear much. Be really choosy about the accessories. Go as simple as you can. You can get the perfect classy and traditional look by the choice of accessories. Choice of accessories can give your whole attire a slight touch of your own style.My look was compact because of that traditional locked necklace. I had baby dot metal earpins and nothing much.

Wearing a watch or bracelet can gel up well. If you are completely into the role then it is better to go with a single bracelet or oxidized silver rings to make it look edgier.

I have gone for a very effortless comfy ethnic wear. That I can wear for hours and enjoy family functions.

let me know if you humans out there try this, on my Instagram (@Arey_KhanSahab) I’d love to see how beautiful you guys look in this simple yet so sophisticated outfit!

Until next time.


Arey Khan Sahab.