Review on NYbae Primer

Hello humans, how you doing? Hope you humans are enjoying your real and reel life. As you all know that I am trying to buckle up and come up with different genre content. I hope that I stay regular and build content that is impressive, simple to understand and obviously on point.

So here I am with a review blog post. In this post, I will be reviewing an NYbae product. Here I’m talking about NYbae Primer. This cosmetic is only available on Purple. (Purple is an online cosmetic shopping application like nykaa that can be easily downloaded from Play Store)

NYbae Primer
Price: 225/-

The link to purchase this product is given right here

So let’s get started with the review in simple points

Packaging and description

it is a small cute tube. I did not receive any outer packaging box. The tube has an apt nozzle every time the right amount of product comes out when we squeeze it. Easy to carry and makes its own place in your makeup pouch.

One does not have to search for description as it is written on the tube front itself. the major says that the product blends like a dream. It says that it is hydrating in nature and made with a lightweight formula. Minimizes pores and smoothens skin. Gives a perfect base to create a flawless look.

If you want to read about ingredients then they are also mentioned on the back side of the tube along with other details.

Sharing my experience with you:

I have bought this product from Purple. This product got delivered in a good 3 to 4 days.

Usage: the primer actually glided effortlessly. So as it says that ‘blends like a dream’ they actually mean it. I do have combination skin so I am actually confused about the second point which says it hydrates in nature. The primer was not at all heavy and find my face felt slippery after applying it. I blended it on my face for a bit long. My foundation sits well on primer no doubt and the primer actually filled the pores. This time I’m really impressed you when it did not give you any break out after hours. The product is not very good but also not bad at all.

Tip: Apply the primer in an appropriate quantity so that your primer set well and foundation does not give you a creasey face.

My tip would say: you should blend it well. If you are a beginner then you can bid day goodbye to makeup woes with NYbae primer.

What about the Price?

225/- bugs give you a 15gms primer tube. If you do not want to spend much on makeup and looking for an alternative of expensive primers than this can be a good choice. I bought this product at a discounted price from Purple.

Overall I would like to give this product rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.
I hope you humans like this simple yet to the point review. Let me know if you humans out that try this on my Instagram (@Arey_khansahab) I would love to receive your views on this review. If you have any query about this product you can ask in the comment section.

Extra Dose: You can also plan to go with no makeup look with this primer. Apply this and you are ready to face the camera. the best thing about this primer is that it is water resistant.

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