Swiss Beauty ‘Matte Me’ Lipstick review

Hello humans! ‘am here again with another cosmetic review. As we all know that inner beauty is great but having a little lipstick never hurt. In this blog ‘am up with a review and will discuss the drama of Swiss Beauty ‘Matte Me’ lipsticks, heaven or horror.

Swiss Beauty Matte Lip
Ultra-Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick – 22 Real Nude

MRP: ₹199

‘Matte Me’ lipsticks are introduced by a number of brands but Incolor Ultra-Smooth Matte Lip Cream and Swiss Beauty Matte Lip Ultra-Smooth Matte Liquid Lipstick look quite identical. The brand name only makes a visible difference on the product. Of course, Swiss Beauty products are common among people who look for an affordable range of cosmetics. Ladies are concerned when it comes to the quality of lipsticks. So without any gossip let us cut to the product features that the company claims and the actual results.

Product features, as claimed by the company:

  • Swiss Beaty says that the lipstick gives high coverage
  • Long wearing
  • Waterproof
  • Non-drying formula
  • Richly pigmented
  • Glides on evenly in one stroke

Sharing my experience with you:

I bought this product from Nykaa. Around 24 shades of this Matte Me lipstick are available on Nykaa. It was introduced to me by a makeup artist. I personally like the shade 22-Real Nude.

Usage: For the first time when I was about to try the product I was planning a road trip with friends. I was concerned about the time, distance and travel this lipstick has to face. If I talk about the application then this lipstick just glides on lips. The brush applicator helps but it would suit well if you go for an outline before. You may feel like applying paint on the lips.
Though the texture is creamy and somewhat oily but gives you high coverage. It may take 30-50 seconds to dry down. The smell of the lipstick will fade away once it dries. You will get the matte look you’ve been waiting for, you may feel a little dry but the lips actually do not look dry.

Tip: If you want a little dark shade then you can apply 2-3 more coats. This is because the shade gets little lighter in color once dried up.

The lipstick is long lasting as the product details vouches. It is completely transfer-proof for the first 3-4 hours. I was on a ride so I had snacks and refreshments several times. The lipstick will be right there after your drinks and food. The color will start to bleed if you rub it. This cosmetic is good when you need to cover events for about 4-5 hours.
How to wipe it off:
This product is not at all graceful when it comes to removal. It becomes
patchy and streaky when you try to wipe it off, and leave an uneven wash of color on the lips. The product may start to spear on the skin. It will be better if you remove it with the help of lotion on a cotton ball. Your lips will need serious nourishment after the removal, so better you apply lip balm and do not leave your lips bare overnight.

Does it claim right?
Yes, the product gives high coverage and is long wearing ( nothing happens to the product for the first three-four hours). The product is completely waterproof but not good for your day out to a water park fun. It may give you feel of being sticky and color will start bleeding after being in regular contact with moisture. I am not satisfied with what it claims ‘non-drying formula’. The product is richly pigmented and yes it glides evenly in one stroke.

Gossip the Price?
This product comes under an affordable range of cosmetics. Local cosmetic shops may ask you for Rs. 250 and Rs. 350 easily for this product. I have read a blog, women have purchased it for 350/- bugs. Better to shop from Nykaa or Amazon, you may even get discounts. I bought this product for Rs.179 from Nykaa

Pros of the product:
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Good pigmentation
  • Light texture
  • Completely MATTE!
Cons of the product:
  • Quite drying (better to wear a lip balm underneath)
  • Removal can be quite a trouble.

I would like to give this product rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

If you have used this product before then share your experience with me and if you are looking forward to purchasing the product then here is the link is mentioned below the product picture. You can connect with me on my Instagram (@Arey_khansahab) I would love to receive your views on this.

C’ya until then choose the right lipstick and conquer the definition of the perfect look. Remember if you are having a bad day, there’s always a lipstick.💄 

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