ORACURA Smart Water Flosser without Protective case OC010 | Honest Review |

I am staring this with a Thank you!
Thank you so much for reading my blogs and showing great support. I always try to be genuine and cover as much I can about the product. So, here’s my other product review in collaboration with ORACURA.

I received this product from ORACURA. It is a Smart Water Flosser without Protective case Oc010. In this blog, I’ll be talking about the delivery, packaging, product quality, working, and affordability.

Let’s have a quick look at what’s water flosser for those who are not familiar with it and how it works.
A flosser is an oral health tool designed for dental care.
Motor and pump generate a stream of pressurized, pulsating water to flow from the storage through the tip and into the mouth. The targeted stream of water eliminates plaque, food particles, and bacteria in more effective, more comfortable, and more accessible than traditional string floss.

This is how the instrument looks like. You'll get two nozzles in the box which you can change easily. Also a USB charging cable for charging.
This is how the instrument looks like. You’ll get two nozzles in the box which you can change easily. Also a USB charging cable for charging.

Product delivery & Unboxing:

The packing was quite good and safely delivered. Yes, the delivery was on time so you don’t have to worry about the delays.
The whole box was bubble wrapped to prevent the damage. Inside the box I got:
(i). One USB cable
(ii). Two standard nozzles
(iii). Water tank with the central unit (comes attached)
(iv). The manual

Product Quality:
The quality of the main unit and the other articles in the box is excellent. I found no issue with the quality. For more reference I tell you this water flosser by ORACURA comes under 10 best water flossers (read more on https://in.bestreviews.guide/waterpik-flossers ).


Product Features:

  • Spurs gums to improve blood circulation
  • Enhance gum health
  • Diminish gingivitis
  • Use the water pulse accordingly
  • Easygoing Nozzle release button for replacing nozzles.
  • Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to 7-8 days on regular use.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with LED indicator
  • 360° rotary nozzle for easy control of water flow to reach all areas of the mouth.
  • Auto shut-off after 2-minutes cycle is complete.

Working of ORACURA water flosser OC010
Water flosser is a very good product for maintenance of teeth. This flosser is easy to use. You just have to first attach the nozzle onto the main unit. (Press the button just below the nozzle slot at fit the nozzle). Open the water tank cap and fill the water. (Make sure the water does not exceed the heat: temperature 40 degree C). The water tank can be easily fit by sliding it up and down. Now you can select the desired mode.

  • Soft mode – for first-time users
  • Normal mode – for advanced cleaning
  • Pulse mode – comfortably massages gums.

The ON/OFF button is given at the top. You can use the flosser now with nozzle pointer towards your teeth. Direct the flosser slowly along the teeth. You can easily do cleaning between the teeth. For people with braces, ‘water flosser is a blessing’.
NOTE: Keep your mouth slightly open while using the flosser. This will avoid the splash and help easy water flow.

My Experience and Advice about water flosser:

Overall I liked the product so far. All ‘am confused about what if someone has weak gums and the pressurized stream may cause bleeding gums. So make sure you take advice from the dentist if you have weak gums.
It will take a couple of sessions to get used to the power. Otherwise, it’s a great tool to clean between the gaps of our teeth.
The product is superb in terms of cleaning teeth. It serves the purpose.
Quality and working are excellent.
Two things everyone needs to take care of are –
(i). For new users: use it on soft mode & also take care of your gums & mucosal surfaces – it might get hurt.
(ii). Your clothes might get wet & the mirror also because of the water’s rapid flow. So be careful.
My experience with this flosser is superb. Using daily with excitement.

Water Flosser Affordability
After having a look at prices of other water flossers avialable in the market. ORACURA water flosser OC010 is ‘affordable’. If you are looking with flossers with good service and pocket friendly prices then ORACURA water flosser OC010 is what you should go for. It is totally price for the quality.

Product price is Rs 2449/-
(My product is from amazon.in)
You can look for other sites as the price may have sight changes.
Link: https://www.amazon.in/ORACURA-Flosser-Without-Protective-Portable/dp/B07VGRT3DQ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=OC010+smart+Flosser&qid=1570773898&sr=8-4

Disclaimer: PR Sample. The review and opinions expressed are my own and honest. 

How to get a 6-month free product warranty?
Get it for free. You have to register your product online at www.oracura.in & write an unbiased product review. (Simple and would take 5-10 minutes). Take a screenshot of it and mail it at support@oracura.in
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