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Here I am back with another blog review. In this blog, I have 4 to5 products from universal essence. I received a cute hamper from them. The basket is quite amazing, and also a giveaway contest was conducted on my Instagram. The contest is over now, and many heartily congratulations to the winner. So here are the few products which were looking quite pretty inside the hamper but worked out to be amazing when I used to them. 

  • #1 ‘Universal essence natural dead Sea mud with Bentonite clay face mask for men & woman.’ 

This product is 150 g worth Rs 480/-
If you are purchasing it from the official website of Universal essence, you can get it for Rs.275/- (Offer Price)

This mask can be used for face/body and hair. It is a detox and rejuvenation mask and highly recommended for sensitive skin. It has no additives and 100% pure, Cruelty-free. 

Fights with blackheads and pores:
Not only blackheads, but it is also good for acne-prone skin. Tighten skin and shrinks the pores.

Mark: this mask is 100% natural dead sea mud from Israel. Isn’t it amazing? You guys can actually use 100% natural mineral-rich Dead Sea mud.

My experience:
Are use this mask once a week. I mix it with rose water. This mask preparation is the same as any other mask. If you have used Multani Mitti, then this looks the same as that. Take half a spoon of mask mud and use rose water to make a paste. 
You will feel the change in yourself after using this mask. Detoxify your skin and is easy to use.

  • #2 ‘Universal Essence Blueberry & Mint Shower Gel For Men & Women.’

Blueberry and mint shower gel with vitamin E. This shower gel also has glycerin and extracts of aloe vera. 

This product bottle is 250 ML worth Rs.599/-
If you purchase the product from the official website, then you can get it on the offer price of Rs.275/- (Offer Price)

My experience background:
I have used many shower gels, and I prefer shower gel over soaps. My experience with this shower gel was quite good. It has a luxurious lather, and it is refreshing. As delicate fragrance and the blueberry, mint and aloe vera make the experience delightful.

  • #3 ‘Universal Essence Glutathione cream for Skin Whitening, Brightening, anti-aging With Vitamin C.’

It is a night cream with Glutathione. This cream is to protect the natural oils of the skin. Claims to give even-toned and smooth skin. It has anti-aging properties and also antioxidants. Works for fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness of the skin. 
Glutathione and Vitamin C in the product work to control melanin. Usage of this cream will help to regenerate and repair tissues of the skin. 

I believe every skin complexion is beautiful. But if you want your tone to get more lighten in complexion, then this screen can help you.

Note: Free from SLS, mineral oil, and Paraben.

My Experience:
I have not used this cream regularly, but in a few uses, I can tell that it has no side-effects and perfect for all types of skin. It is a unisex product and works well.
You want to experience fair, bright, and acne-free skin, then you can try it. No product can show results in two-three days. At least try using a product for a week in continuation, and you’ll feel the change. 

It has to be applied in the night, and The skin will absorb it. Some people it works initially for some, it does not. So make sure you use it 4-5 times then hope for results.

  • #4 ‘Universal Essence Coconut Milk Conditioner for Soft and Silky Hair, Paraben & Sulphate Free.’

This conditioner bottle is 250 ML worth Rs.499/- 
Purchase it directly from the universal access website at Rs. 320/- (Offer Price)

This works for Straightening hair, nourishing scalp, adds volume to the hair, and smoothen hair.
Cleans & Hydrates; less prone to split ends and damage. Provide deep conditioning and moisturizing.

After shampooing your hair apply this conditioner for 4-5 minutes for better results. Rinse thoroughly

My experience:
My experience with this conditioner has been amazing. I don’t keep using this conditioner as it treats rough, dry, frizzy entangling hair. Made my hair look glossier. Also, I feel that this conditioner is good for forever falling hair; it treats my hair good.
Use it, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Click herevisit the website, and explore more products. You can purchase the mentioned products from the website as well. 
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I will be back with another review. Till then, take proper care and stay safe. 
*Disclaimer: PR Sample. The review and opinions expressed are my own and honest