9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips

9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips

Have you got sensitive lips? The best hypoallergenic lipsticks for sensitive lips are listed below. Examine it out!

9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips
TopicBest Hypoallergenic Lipsticks

Whether you wear makeup or not, lipstick is an essential component in your daily life, in my opinion. However, instead of manufacturing the best hypoallergenic lipsticks, many cosmetic firms add a lot of chemical compounds to make trendy lip colours with longer-lasting or sweeter scents. These ingredients will wreak havoc on your delicate lips.

9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips

The solution is here; if your lips are already allergic to these ingredients, or if you’re totally fine with ordinary lipstick but seeking a more environmentally friendly product, this post is for you. The best hypoallergenic lipstick will be thoroughly reviewed, along with advice and precautions to take when purchasing this product. Let’s have a look.

Top Hypoallergenic Lipsticks 

Let’s look at these options to see which Hypoallergenic Lipsticks are the best! You can choose any of the options you like and try them.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Hypoallergenic Lipstick

Burt’s Bees is a drugstore brand made entirely of natural beeswax, moringa oil, and raspberry oil. This lipstick has no parabens, phthalates, or petrolatum.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing hypoallergenic Lipstick

One can use it without fear of allergies. Furthermore, the colour range is exceptional, with 18 tones that provide you with a different appearance every day.

Because it contains a lot of moisture, the lipstick isn’t very pigmented or long-lasting. Instead, your lips will have a smooth and natural finish. They are still your lips, but they are much more beautiful.

  • Positive notes: It comes in many beautiful colours, i.e. you have got many colour options with Beautiful ingredients, and full of moisture.
  • Negative notes: you might not like that it is not as much pigmented and not long-lasting.

Hypoallergenic lipstick Bite Beauty: Matte Crème Cream Lip Crayon Pencil 

Here is another hypoallergenic lipstick. Bite Beauty lipstick is created with natural ingredients and is free of parabens and sulphates. It also contains hydration elements that hydrate and nourish your lips. Bite beauty will never leave you feeling dry or unpleasant.

Hypoallergenic lipstick Bite Beauty: Matte Crème Cream Lip Crayon Pencil

Thanks to the buttery texture, it’s easy to apply and feels like it melts on your lips. It also boasts a thin and matte texture, as well as a water-resistant composition, which helps you keep the lipstick on all day.

On the other hand, Bite Beauty Lip Crayon Pencil breaks readily due to its soft texture. Keep in mind and be cautious when carrying it outside.

  • Positive notes: The lipstick has a long-lasting formula, and it is the lipstick has a long-lasting formula; it is very moisturising. The product has good pigment and has a sweet smell.
  • Negative notes:  it is likely to break easily and melt hot water.

Milani Color Statement: Hypoallergenic Lipstick

If you’re not a fan of eco-friendly brands but still want a lipstick that’s gentle on your lips, Milani Color Statement is the ideal option.

Milani Color Statement: Hypoallergenic Lipstick

It is available in 40 lovely colours ranging from delicate pink to purples. It is a cruelty-free lipstick rich in vitamin A and C and is highly hydrating. It’s pigmented and works great on chapped lips all day.

As you can see in the photos below, I bought it in Matte Rose.

  • Positive notes: The lipsticks have a massive shade range available to try. It is a long-lasting product with friendly ingredients.
  • Negative notes: Uncomfortable smell

Ecco Bella Natural Moisturizing Hypoallergenic Lipstick

Ecco Bella is a brand that promotes natural beauty. Except for a few critical ingredients, their goods are entirely cruelty-free.

Ecco Bella Natural Moisturizing hypoallergenic Lipstick

This lipstick is organically maintained and made with vegetable waxes and oils rather than harsh chemicals. The texture is creamy, and it glides gently across your lips. The hues are sheer, and you’ll feel as if you’re using lip balm.

Positive notes: The ingredients are ethically sourced and wholly moisturising experience with this lipstick product. You will experience a very thin texture while applying this lipstick.

Negative notes: it is not well pigmented and does not last long.

Henné Organics Luxury Lip Tint

This is an organic lipstick devoid of parabens and perfumes and has not been tested on animals. The key constituents include coconut, castor seed, jojoba, avocado oils, organic beeswax, and vitamin E.

And, as you can see, it’s completely natural, so it’s gentle on your lips. It would be a huge mistake to discuss the Best Hypoallergenic lipstick without it.

Henné Organics Luxury Lip Tint

Although the colour is not deep, it lasts for a long time and is hydrating. For those who appreciate natural makeup, this is a must-have.

Positive notes: The packaging is adorable. It has all organic ingredients. Very moisturising.

Negative notes: it is a little bit expensive.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Nourishing Hypoallergenic Lipstick

I wanted to test a low-cost, nourishing lipstick that wouldn’t leave my lips looking and feeling dry. As a result, I decided to give this brand a shot. I could tell it was nourishing because it didn’t dry after a while.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Nourishing hypoallergenicLipstick

I could apply this lipstick relatively evenly throughout my lips without any issues. I love bright colours, so the brilliant colours receive a big thumbs up from me. The problem with this hypoallergenic lipstick was that it migrated far too quickly, necessitating repeated lip checks and touch-ups.

It’s not the ideal choice for long-term events. Although I just used two layers of lipstick, it felt heavy on my lips. After a while, it didn’t feel so good on my lips.

  • Positive notes: It is a very hydrating formula and gives you an even application of the product. It is Cruelty-free, PABA-free and Dermatologist-approved.
  • Negative notes:  it feels somewhat heavy after application and not transfer-proof.

Faceworks Hypoallergenic Lipstick

When it comes to hypoallergenic lipsticks, I proceed with caution because some manufacturers throw the phrase around and aren’t hypoallergenic.

However, I am happy to say that this is one of the best hypoallergenic lipsticks I have used since it was ideal for my sensitive lips.

Faceworks Hypoallergenic Lipstick

It is hypoallergenic and hydrating. It was simple to wipe the lipstick after application to achieve the appropriate hue.

Unfortunately, I had previously encountered irritation and peeling with other lipsticks; thus, the fact that I did not experience any of these issues with this lipstick was a huge comfort for me.

I wish Faceworks would have given more colours options to choose from. The disadvantage of this lipstick, in my opinion, is its higher price point when compared to other hypoallergenic lipstick manufacturers. It also transfers effortlessly.

Positive notes: it has moisturising ingredients which nourish your lips. It has a very creamy texture in extremely impressive pigmentation.

Negative notes: the product is quite expensive and does not last long.

PYT Hypoallergenic Lipstick

A hypoallergenic lipstick that had been on my wishlist for a long time finally arrived, and I am pleased to report that it was well worth a try.

PYT Hypoallergenic Lipstick

Because the lipstick is highly pigmented, one swipe is usually enough to provide a good colour payoff.

After reading that the lipstick contains oils, I was surprised at how moisturising and nourishing it felt after application. Also, I have dry lips, so this was fantastic!

I also applied it with ease because the formula flowed beautifully on the lips and felt weightless. The main issue with it is how easily it smudges and transfers.

If you continually touch your face, this lipstick is not for you. That being said, if you’re careful, it might work.

Positive notes: the product is affordable, and the scent is quite good. It has Fun and bold colours and is highly pigmented.

Negative points: it is not transfer-proof and smudges easily.

Gabriel Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Lipstick

The Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick is a long-lasting lipstick that stays in place for several hours. It appeared beautiful on the lips because it didn’t settle in the gaps.

Gabriel Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Lipstick

It’s a lipstick that you can quickly wear for a long time because it’s weightless and makes you forget you’re wearing it. The colour does not fade and, even if it does, it fades evenly, preventing you from looking like a clown. The problem with the Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick is that it readily wipes off. Unfortunately, it was nearly gone by the end of lunch. The colour isn’t identical to what’s seen in the photograph.

I discovered that the actual colour is lighter than what is represented, so use caution while selecting a colour.

Positive notes:  it is a long-lasting product with a creamy texture and Matt finish. High pigment formula feels like Chapstick.

Negative notes: The product doesn’t survive post-meal. Your lips might feel dehydrated after some time.

How do you know that you need hypoallergenic lipstick?

When ordinary lipsticks cause trouble for your lips, you’ll know you need eco-friendly lipstick or hypoallergenic lipstick.

How do you know that you need hypoallergenic lipstick?

Some people are allergic to the chemical compounds in lipsticks or other cosmetics like lip balm, lip gloss, or lipliners, and it might cause cheilitis or an allergic reaction. Or, to put it another way, lip inflammation. After a few minutes to a few hours, you will notice your lips becoming hot, burning, or turning red.

If your lips do not have these symptoms, applying a hydrating lipstick with natural components is a good idea. Traditional lipstick frequently contains hazardous compounds such as colourings, preservatives, and metals.

If you use them for an extended period, your health will suffer. One of them is skin cancer.

Things you should know about hypoallergenic lipstick.

Hypoallergenic lipstick, like traditional lipstick, is quite diverse and suitable for all of your demands. If you’re looking for lip gloss or matte lipstick, all-natural cosmetic manufacturers can help.

Furthermore, if you believe that lipstick colours are monotonous, you are mistaken. Natural derivatives allow businesses to generate a wide range of hues perfect for any skin tone or preference.

9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips

Furthermore, several hypoallergenic lipsticks have achieved the same level of long-wear as a regular lipstick, ranging from 5-6 hours.

Even if the lipstick only lasts 2-3 hours, you can quickly bring it with you and touch it up without worrying about dryness. Your lips will not become thick or flaky no matter how many layers you apply.

How to choose the best hypoallergenic lipstick?

When choosing the best hypoallergenic lipstick, you need to know a few answers. Here I have mentioned some questions and answers that you can read and understand the best about hypoallergenic lipsticks.

  • What kind of organic lipstick are you looking for?

Knowing what type of lipstick you desire can help you learn about the brands. Not all organic cosmetic companies provide a diverse choice of lipstick options. So, if you don’t have a favourite brand, deciding whether to use liquid or lipstick, gloss or matte will be a more straightforward solution.

9 Best Hypoallergenic Lipsticks | Get Some Safe Lipsticks For Sensitive Lips
  • Do you want your lipstick to last all day, or are you okay with reapplying it?

Waterproof lipsticks should be on your shopping list if you fall into the first category. Meanwhile, if you fall into the latter category, you have many possibilities.


Which lipstick component produces an allergic reaction?

If you know the correct answer, all you have to do is pick a lipstick that doesn’t contain those chemicals. If you are unsure, 100 per cent natural lipstick is the best option.

Maybelline makeup is hypoallergenic?

Maybelline is one cosmetics brand that produces both hypoallergenic and non-hypoallergenic cosmetics. The FIT ME + PORELESS FOUNDATION, INSTANT AGE REWIND CONCEALER, and numerous mascaras provide a faultless appearance without bothering your skin.

Which is the most hypoallergenic lipstick?

The P/Y/T Beauty Double Duty Lipstick + Gloss is the best-selling hypoallergenic lipstick. Sunflower seed oil, manuka honey, shea butter, grape juice dressings, and Vitamin E are all-natural components in this all-natural lipstick. These ingredients nurture your lips while making this product suitable for practically any skin tone. It is devoid of animal cruelty, lightweight, and manufactured with a highly pigmented formula.


I hope the preceding information helps you address some of your queries and provides you with some guidance and shopping possibilities. With the Top and Best Hypoallergenic Lipstick listed above, you can make an informed decision.

Lips are essential to me; thus, I do not regret spending them. I plan to purchase Henné Organics Luxury Lip Tint for everyday use because the lipstick hues are simple to apply and safe and appropriate for my natural look.

In the comments section below, let us know what you think of our Best Hypoallergenic Lipstick review!